Women have sex fantasies too

It is well known that men think of sex more often than women. Mostly, but it is not the rule, men are the ones, who initiates sex as first ones. Mostly they are the ones, who come up with some new fantasies in intimate parts of their relationships with their partners. But again, it is not the rule! Very often women are the ones, who have even more sexual fantasies, but they are too shy to say it out loud. Well, we have listed some of the fantasies for you, men. Just in case you are out of ideas, how to please your better half.

Light bondage and submission – we love to be controlled by you in bed. But we hate the feeling being used for your pleasure. You have to make sure, we are on the same board. Some women surely love the hard sex, but still you must be very careful and know, when to stop. There is a very thin line.

Sex on the public places – we love the excitement of being caught. But it is also more difficult for us to reach an orgasm. That is why, we kind of need to be still comfortable with the picked place. Parked car, public toilets, a forest, a picnic and many more.

Role play – we love uniforms. Let´s say it quite frankly. Police officer, fire man, doctors, soldiers. If you are not one by occupation, just pretend to be one. Get a uniform and surprise us. We will love it.


Erotic massage – except of overestimated foreplay, we love the massage, that might turn into sex. Male´s hands are very often a huge turn on for most of the women. And you touching us all over our bodies is something we really desire. If you are not quite sure, how to make a proper erotic massage, try the erotic massage prague mataharisalon.cz, where you can learn from professionals. You can take your girl for a couple massage and learn, what she really likes. Then use it behind the closed doors.


Now, with our tips listed, you will be the best lover she could ever wish for!